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Forum software upgrade 18 September, 2011

I plan on updating to the latest and greatest versions of the forum & blog software Sunday, 18 September.  All subject to the whims of health, physical and mental, and fate.  

Most of the changes are behind-the-scenes sort of stuff, concerning things like performance, moderator tools, and system administration.  Changes everyone will see include:
  • A new text editor, which I usually classify as "change is bad."  Like this new blogger editor and interface.  At least IPB's new editor comes with two useful features: autosave (finally!), and it will notify you if someone posts a reply before you finish with your reply.
  • You'll be able to add tags to topics.  I can hardly wait to see some of those.
  • Following topics, being notified of new content, etc. is supposed to be easier to do and less buggy.
  • Liking stuff and social media interfaces are supposed to be easier.
  • The user control panel, where you play with your account settings and the like, is supposed to make sense and generally be easier to use.
  • Fixes for various bugs on the blogs and the mobile interface.

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