The boring life of Jerod Poore, Crazymeds' Chief Citizen Medical Expert.

Fine. Birthday. OK.

OK, I'll give in to popular demand and blog about my boring, stupid life.  Here.  One blog to to rule them all...

I guess it's like cable/satellite TV channels.  Back in the YIIKes decade, which is when TV peaked, specialty stations aired programs about whatever their manifesto stated they were about.  The Hitler Channel, AKA the History Channel, was all about History - especially WWII.  Now it's the Superstition, Greed, and Conjecture Channel.  The main problem I have with satellite TV is how most everything has become the Miscellaneous Channel, showing the same stupid movies, stupid 'reality' shows, and syndicated repeats that have nothing to do with whatever the fuck their name is.  Not enough people appreciate specialization.  Fine.

I'm sorry I haven't replied to everyone's birthday wishes.   I've been dealing with a bad case of depression, not wanting to talk to anyone, and anxiety over Google hating me for some reason.   I've also been avoiding my life for too long, and I'm trying to deal with that as well.   By procrastinating, of course.  I really need a personal assistant to deal with my life. 

I hope the pharmacy was able to get Roxane's protriptyline this month.  The stuff from Rising is just like Barr's: acceptable, but my depression threshold is low.  Although the pills themselves are pretty cool, all nice and slippery with a retro-futuristic imprint of Σ (sigma) on one side and 7 on the other.

What did I get for my birthday?  Google changed their search algorithm.  Crazy Meds is plummeting in search results.  Again.  It's April 2012 all over again.  When you do a search for Cymbalta, or Wellbutrin, or Effexor, or Lexapro, or Topamax, or Lamictal, or Invega, or most any drug I have a page on, you should see Crazy Meds in the top five results.  Now I'm lucky if it shows up in the top ten.  Traffic was at 15,000 - 21,000 visitors a day.  Now it's more like 11,000 - 19,000, with revenue down just as much.  If you think that's still a shitload of people and I should be stupidly happy about it, keep in mind this is how I make a living, and one of the things I'm having a hard time dealing with is finding health insurance.  Even though in Montana there are all of two companies selling insurance to individuals, trying to figure out which plan to get is daunting.  No matter what I'm looking at $500 a month, or more, with no idea what meds are going to cost.  And the domain host costs $5,000 a year.  Don't bother telling me about how great your host is and costs so much less, even if you get 21,000 people a day, or more, visiting your site.  While running resource-intensive applications like Invision Power Board and downloading a shitload of .pdf files.  Lunarpages is a great domain host, and there's more to hosting a site than technology.  So grossing $3,000 a month isn't as much as it seems, and I won't be making that much if the traffic and ad rates keep falling.

Where was I?  So what may or may not be related to the decline of the Crazy Meds brand in Google's search results is vanishing +1 numbers and page rank status.  Take a look at the Crazy Meds home page.  Now look at it from this link.  Notice any difference?  The +1 count in the first one is 18.  I don't know what it is in the second one, but it's a fuck of a lot more than 18.  The +1 counts on some pages differ depending on if you look at it on or, on some pages it makes no difference, and on some pages they've just vanished no matter which version of the URL you use.  If you have the Google page rank indicator plugin you'll see that the home page is unranked.  It should have a rank of at least five.  A couple other pages that were ranked three or four are also unranked.

This is being discussed on a Google+ Developers' G+ Community, because anyone with a website who implements the +1 button is now a 'developer'.

Google has become the corporation Dilbert works for and I get to feel as frustrated, depressed, and anxious as some code monkey trapped in a cubicle without the pleasure being able to write code any more.

Depending on how bad my need to procrastinate gets, I'll move the Panoply of Stupidity, Humiliation, Pain and Absurdity back here, along with other bits and pieces of the other blogs.  Everything is miscellaneous bullshit.

Update 1: The +1 button problem apparently wasn't complicated enough.  It seems like the version at is incrementing again, although it started at 18, so as of Monday, 25 February, it's at 20 something.  The count at, no www, was over 200 yesterday.  This morning it was at 193.

Update 2: The pharmacy didn't have Roxane's flavor of protriptyline, so it's another month of Rising.


Anonymous said...

In the name of Jesus I cast out the evil spirits that are tormenting you and bind them and their works. In the name of Jesus I commsnd the evil spirits to never torment you or any other human being ever again.

In the name of Jesus I command Google to fix its problems. In the name of Jesus I declare you will never experience financial troubles of any kind ever again.

If you and anyone else agree and believe, pray this prayer and say amen.

Jerod Poore said...

Thank you. I appreciate that.