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Tri-Ring Antidepressant Circus

There's a topic on the forum about the efficacy of different manufacturer's protriptyline.  The original poster wrote about how Sigma Pharmaceutical's protriptyline was only about 50% as effective as that made by Barr.  I'm now into month two of Sigma's - distributed by Rising pharm.  I wrote in an earlier post that it was acceptable. It is not.  My doctor raised my dosage to 60 mg a day, the maximum amount an inpatient can take.  It hasn't helped so far, but I've been taking the extra 10 mg for all of three days now.

Worsening secondary symptoms / side effects / WTF aren't helping.  Food continues to taste weird or just lose flavor.  The tremor is happening more often and is worse.  My memory is crap.  I shouldn't need ten hours of sleep this time of year, but that could be due to depression.

I'm trying to get all the shit together for my taxes and I froze.  I thought I had been putting everything that could possibly be tax-related in a folder in my desk, but as I dug through it I couldn't find most of the statements from the insurance company that covers prescription drugs.  It took me over an hour of searching before I realized I had that e-mailed to me.  Which is suboptimal, as the only way to get the total for a year is navigating their crappy website and looking up all claims for a year.  The only physical documentation I now have is all the receipts from the drug store.  Something like that is still enough to mess with me.

Of course Google is still fucking with me.  The site is all over the map, usually off it, when it comes to search results.  Anything not in the top ten doesn't exist, and if it's not in the top five it's fighting for crumbs.  Traffic is down, revenue is down, and that isn't helping things either.  If I had a real antidepressant I'd probably be dealing with this better.  Maybe.

Two more weeks until the equinox.

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