The boring life of Jerod Poore, Crazymeds' Chief Citizen Medical Expert.

All Crazy Meds Are Now Ratable

Here are the last of them.  I think.  All meds should be ratable.  (sodium valproate)  (valproic acid)  (trazodone)  (reboxetine)  (nefazodone)  (imipramine)

Now I get to figure out why the fuck Crazy Meds does not show up AT ALL when you ask Google about Effexor or Prozac.  And I'm not just bitching about the first 20 or 50 results.  I'm talking about all 500 results for Effexor and 800 results for Prozac.  Fraudulent pharmacies who use crazymeds in their SEO spam show up, but not my fucking site!      


Anonymous said...

For what it's worth, I happen to be a (now retired) mental health professional who is possibly as crazy as you say you are, and I use your page constantly, for myself and the few clients I still have between my own depressions. Looking up my latest cure tonight, I found my way to this blog, and while I see many similarities between my own feelings and yours, I am also amazed at your ability to feel sorry for yourself. For your own sake, PLEASE GET OVER IT!!! It is clear that you are extremely intelligent and highly skilled as a writer and researcher, if not many other things. Write a book! Reach out! Do some volunteer work! Tell me to go fuck myself! Anything to generate some energy for yourself. You deserve better, and this incessant whining is not going to get you there. Enough. If I had a way, I'd write this privately, but I assume you'll monitor this and remove it. If you want to cuss me out (or better yet, thank me for caring enough to chew you out), you can write to

Kristina Zahn said...

I found it looking up Effexor