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Straitjacket T-Shirts Consolidating at Cafe Press

Zazzle now officially sucks more than Cafe Press.  Which means I'll be shutting down the Zazzle store.  And since I have to recreate what I want to sell on Cafe Press, I'm getting rid of designs that aren't selling.  Including shirts.  So if you want any of the really crappy designs, get them soon.

I've been updating existing designs of shirts and mugs with new versions of the Pill font, as well as creating new designs.  I suggest you don't buy any of the shirts that haven't been updated (Brain Cooties Aren't Contagious e.g.), unless you like the original Pill Font more than the new ones.

By popular request I've finally created more bumperstickers and other items like mouse pads.  I plan on converting some discontinued shirt designs into one or more of bumperstickers, mouse pads, mugs and maybe some of whatever other cheap crap Cafe Press offers that looks interesting.

New designs include things like:

United States of Pharmaceuticals sticker Medication Time Mug
United States of Pharmaceuticals sticker Medication Time Mug

So stop by the latest version of Straitjacket T-Shirts

The way traffic to and revenue from Crazy Meds is plummeting who knows how long I'll be around with this garbage.

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