The boring life of Jerod Poore, Crazymeds' Chief Citizen Medical Expert.

Cabin Fever

Day 5, or maybe 6 of being snowed in.  While 12 inches of snow hasn't been a problem for my pickup, 16 inches was.  It's been sitting in a snowbank for the last however many days and I think I've managed to fuck-up the transmission.  After much digging and applying cat litter only the passenger-side front wheel and driver-side rear wheel were doing anything.  Running low on meds.  Been out of milk since Thursday?  Really feeling the lack of fish oil.  The idea of dealing with people is repugnant.

On the plus side, I'm getting a shitload of work done.  I should do this more often.


birch said...

That sounds very lame. Very shitty and very --- well,shitty. (did I already say that?)
When it rains it pours, or when it snows it blizzards. Something like that.
I lost my internet a few days ago, and finally just got it back after I promised (lied) to have it paid by Friday. My tiny part time job depends on the internet, so I'm glad I got it back.
I don't have that snow issue though, just two days of snow --- I felt suffocated even at that, and can't imagine how stifling it feels to be snowed in for days, like you have.
I really hope things turn around for you quickly.

Jerod Poore said...

I don't feel stifled or anything like that. It's like I don't get claustrophobic when getting an MRI, I'm just bored. At least I'm not bored.