The boring life of Jerod Poore, Crazymeds' Chief Citizen Medical Expert.

Free at Last?

Day Whatever +1

No longer snowed in.  

By 17:30 yesterday a day's worth of rain and a temperature above 40°F melted enough of the snow around the truck to get me down there with a snow shovel and a few buckets of very hot water.  I managed to extract the truck and drive it down to the berm that's alongside the road.  That fucker is still about two feet high.  I collected the newspapers that had piled up, what mail made it into the box before it wasn't accessible, the package fish oil, which was left behind the mailbox.  Had I made it down there sooner I probably wouldn't have noticed it, as the plastic bag it was wrapped in was just peeking above the snow.  The website of the place I bought it from was less than helpful, as it shows the order as yet to be shipped in the first place.

Able to take out garbage.  Hoarding was a lot better before TV made it cool.

Today I broke through the berm.  It took several attempts, but the truck eventually made it through/over.  I picked up the mail and got some food.  The postmaster was surprised to see me, given how buried my mailbox is and how much snow was piled up in the driveway.

I-90 is open again.  I'll get my meds tomorrow.  I called in my refills and it sounded extremely chaotic at the pharmacy.  With the interstate closed for a day and a half and that being the only pharmacy serving half the county, I'm not surprised.  One more night on short rations for topiramate.

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