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Asleep at the Wheel - No Ambien Required

Looks like I'm sleep driving after all.

Where do I go and what do I do?  I didn't go very far last time, as Saint Regis is farther than a 2-mile round trip, and that was the difference on the odometer from the last time I intentionally went somewhere and when I left to get some groceries this morning.

This probably explains what happened to the missing garage door opener.  As I didn't put it in the freezer I must not have considered it to be important.  Or didn't think it needed safekeeping.

It also explains a couple of occasions why my keys and driving glasses weren't where I thought I had left them.  My meds- and brain cooties-impaired memory may not be as meds- and brain cooties-impaired as I thought.

I'll leave myself a note in the car about the opener.  Maybe I'll be able to find it the next time I go for a somnambulistic excursion.

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