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Crazy Meds Mugs & Bumper Stickers Now Available

The annex to Straitjacket T-shirts is now open at Zazzle.  Right now it's all mugs and bumper stickers.  Some have the same designs you'll find on shirts, and some designs that may show up on shirts eventually, and some have their own designs. 
A few examples manage to not look like utter crap as they scroll by:

So get your favorite medication prescriber a gift to show your appreciation, and let them know that someone besides their local pharm reps is thinking about them.

As much as I've complained about Cafe Press' gods-awful interface, Zazzle's is just as confusing, frustrating, and time consuming, albeit in different ways, such as being really fucking obstinate about orienting the mugs. I either want the handle on the left or in the back. Notice how many handles are on the right. And it handles alphabetical order as well as I did in 2003.

Plus at $14 for their least expensive mug, or $1 more than the cheapest t-shirt I offer on Cafe Press, I may wind up splitting the merchandise between the two shops or something.  Fuck if I know.  It's going to be a big pain in the ass no matter what I do, so figuring out which option sucks less is going to take time.

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