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Why I Hate Mythbusters

  1. First and foremost: fewer myths (urban and otherwise) and too many ads for movies disguised as episodes debunking Hollywood physics.  Especially when they do James Bond, because it's product placement within product placement.
  2. While I like explosions as much as the next person, not every episode needs to be about blowing things up.  The Discovery Channel is the "Watch People Blowing Up Stuff Because That's Their Job" network, so they could have an entire show dedicated to great explosions and blowing stuff up. "Tonight on The Biggest Bangs we'll be making detcord macrame, comparing the different properties of explosions produced by vehicles powered by regular, diesel, natural gas, and other fuels, and taking a look back at the 1947 Texas City explosion."
  3. Padding.  My memory sucks, but is a detailed review of what happened prior to the commercial break really necessary?
  4. This one might actually bother me the most: wasting all of that food.  Granted that is a quintessentially American thing to do, but when I see the last 10 minutes of a Mythbusters episode before whatever I want to watch on the Science Channel is on (e.g. In Search Of... Dark Matters) and they're blowing up or otherwise destroying a shitload of food you know what's going to happen?  That's right, there's going to be an ad about starving children that makes you sadder than watching an hour-long infomercial of Sarah McLachlan in puppy Auschwitz.
    No wonder people who live in countries where they like to keep women uneducated and at home all day so they have at least eleven kids hate us.  They're starving and we blow up food for entertainment purposes.


Anonymous said...

This is so dumb

Anonymous said...

Well let's see:

1) I've never once even remotely considered anything they've done as "product placement". Just because they do a James Bond episode doesn't automatically make it product placement.

2) Newsflash- contrary to what everyone likes to believe, not every episode is about blowing something up. Probably less than half, actually.

3) I'll give you that. It gets on my nerves too.

4) Now you're just being silly. They don't waste much food at all. It's an entire team, and yet HowToBasic wastes more food in an episode than they usually do in several.