The boring life of Jerod Poore, Crazymeds' Chief Citizen Medical Expert.

Corrections, Content & Features

09/19/2007 -

  • I can't believe I forgot the drug-drug interactions link on the BuSpar and Invega pages. D'oh! That glaring omission has been corrected.
  • I've been adding boards. If you've been on the Crazy Meds Talk forum, you've noticed. If you haven't, you wouldn't know better anyway.
  • I've activated the Blog feature on the forum. Blogs are a great way to keep track of your progress on meds and stuff. That's also the place where everyone can get down with the tea and sympathy and other support-group like activities. As if enough sites weren't offering blogs, you can get one here as well. Whoopee!
  • There have been a couple more mentions of Crazy Meds in the legitimate media.
  • I'm trying to get some new content up. Really. It's just one damn thing or another.

Sorry About the Frequent Timeouts

I guess we've been acting out or something, hence the need for a bunch of timeouts. It's not like I meant to throw those cookies through those windows, it's just those frames just bugged the crap out of me and some voice told me over and over and over and over....

No, the site doesn't have a behavior problem. We do have some server overload issues. I'm working with the domain host. We'll see what we can do.

The price of popularity.

More New Boards, Minor Corrections on Drug Info Pages

I thought I had a board for each of the popular atypical antipsychotic. I don't know how I could have left out Zyprexa, the most popular (in terms of sales) antipsychotic of all time. Other than being an idjit on neurological medication, of course. So the Zyprexa board now exists.

Due to popular demand, we have an entire category devoted to the technical details regarding one's brain:

My. Brain. Hurts! This. Is. Why!

Boards include:

Know Your Neurotransmitters
Grey Matter's Anatomy
Blame Your Parents!
Antagonist? I sorta remember that from lit class...

Also, on the main site I fixed the problems with the Cyrillic, Japanese and Hebrew fonts on the Zyprexa and Risperdal pages. There was also a dead link to the Japanese PI sheet on the Risperdal page, and that has been replaced with a link to a consumer-oriented PMI shiori page.

New Boards, New PI Sheets

Only after I created all the boards yesterday did I notice there were several Abilify topics in the board for Other Antipsychotics.

So I created a board for Abilify.

As it would make no sense to leave Geodon out of the party, I created one for Geodon as well.

Thus we have a board for each of the popular atypical antipsychotics on the US market. Clozaril (the first of the bunch) doesn't see much prescribing these days, so it is lumped in with the others. As Invega is nothing more than Risperdal without your liver having to do any work first, those two will share one board.

While adding boards for Abilify and Geodon (don't bother, the stubs of the pages suck), I noticed that the PI sheets were way out of date. I.e. there was nothing about their approvals to treat bipolar mania. Don't make me laugh! How much do you want to bet the participants in those studies were a bit on the depressed side and were all freaking happy to be taking those meds? Jeez Louise, Geodon is practically a combination antipsychotic and antidepressant along the lines of Cymbalta , and Abilify makes your D2 dopamine and 5HT1A serotonin receptors more sensitive to those neurotransmitters, so it's like a combination antipsychotic and variant on Remeron. Is it a wonder that a bunch of people who tend to be on the manic side of things get, what's the technical term, batshit crazy when prescribed either of these two meds? Especially when they are stupid enough to just whine about the depression they feel at the time they go into to see those doctors and those doctors don't ask about mania and give them Abilify or Geodon in combination with an antidepressant. In any event, here's Abilify's PI sheet and Geodon's PI sheet.

New Boards on Crazy Meds Talk

New boards.

Basic Information About All Antipsychotics

An entire category for Epilepsy & Seizure disorders - Shake it up Baby!, including the boards:

Medications for Epilepsy - the Fat, the Stupid, and the Itchy

Other Epilepsy Treatments: The Brain Electric and the Brain Dissected

Questions About Epilepsy

Under the Intermission category we now have:

The Written Word: Books and other lit.

Crazy News: Meds, Mental Health

News of the Weird, er, World

and the ever-popular

Site Suggestions: This Site Sucks Donkey Dong!

Kittens! or: Just what the world needs, more cats.

Photo taken a few hours after they were born, 21 August 2007.

From left to right the provisional names are:

Anorexia. Second born. Came out some 20 minutes after the first one and couldn't latch onto a nipple for almost an hour after birth. At the time Anorexia would eat, but wasn't as enthusiastic about it as the other two. Now Anorexia has a normal appetite.

Bingey. First born. Won't let go of a nipple no matter what. In spite of there being nipples to spare will fight over the nearest one. Was almost as large as the other two combined. Will suckle anything. Looks enough like a platypus that sucking on a dewclaw almost makes sense.

Stimpy. Third born, popped out just a couple minutes after kitten number 2. At first MAO wouldn't have anything thing to do with this one. MAO had it under her mouth but wouldn't lick it clean after eating the placenta. I had to put it under MAO's face after MAO pretty much rolled away with the other two. Has what looks like a rat's foot. I wouldn't be surprised if Stimpy has issues. As the day progresses Stimpy is looking more and more like MAO, other than that whole rat foot thing. Since then Stimpy's rat foot is a normal looking foot. MAO is now taking care of Stimpy just as well as the others. Stimpy will crawl and roll away from the group now and then, but manage to crawl and roll back when hungry.

MAO being MAO insisted that I be around for the birth and hang around until things settled down. I was working on the forum with my laptop when the labor was getting under way. It's a good thing she decided on a closet in my bedroom. At least I can be close by all the time.

MAO has sinced moved all of the kittens to the closet in my office, ensconcing them under a box of yet-to-be used magazine holders (for all the neurological journals I get) between the wall and a file cabinet. She moved some stuff I had lying around to block the near end and has them all under this defensible space. As their eyes are due to open this is nice and dim. Plus she's now around me most of the day, and still close by when I'm sleeping.

Bengal's are very loyal, so MAO just likes to be around me 20 hours out of the day.

So far I've noticed that Stimpy is the most sensory defensive. I'd get near him and he'd make that "I hate the new smell" sound. Anorexia would make it only if I had been handling something recently that had a scent I could notice. Bingey made it all of one time, when I leaned over to say goodbye just after brushing my teeth and gargling.

They are all purring loud enough for me to hear them when I check up on them. Something MAO wants me to do often enough.

I'm thinking of new names. I'm not going to be calling them what I'm calling them now.

It's obvious that MAO is an F3 and somehow got away from a breeder. All three of the kittens are showing the markings of normal Bengals. Plus there's the whole thing about F3's being super friendly, and that's MAO.

Latest Updates to Crazy Meds

We have a bunch of new boards up on the Crazy Meds Talk forum
More will be added as demand warrants.

As for the main part of the site:

08/30/2007 -

  • Added a picture of what Lamictal-induced Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (SJS) actually looks like to the Lamictal page. I know it still won't keep people from asking, "Is this The Rash?" but it's worth a shot.

08/24/2007 -

  • I just had to update the Thorazine page because I was so pissed off after hearing a report on NPR yesterday. Aside from being two months out of date (Check the Risperdal page and see the approval dates for pediatric bipolar disorder and schizophrenia), American Psychiatric Association President Carolyn Robinowitz, M.D. said on Morning Edition that Risperdal was the first antipsychotic approved to treat bipolar disorder and schizophrenia in children and adolescents. Ahem. Thorazine was approved to treat both in both decades before Risperdal even existed. Compazine was approved to treat pediatric schizophrenia since I was a kid, but only as a last resort. How sad is it when a Citizen Medical Expert such as myself has to correct the freaking president of the APA. Oh, wait, that's why all y'all read this site, isn't it?